Our Essence

Firstly we love chai and everything about it..We love the essence, the taste, the healing properties and the love in every cup. So much that i learnt the art of chai blending and the essence of Ayurveda to share it with the world.

In a small village in the Himalayas in India over 25 years ago my journey with chai began.  My love for the abundant nature of this area and my thirst for the rich medicines of the earth called me to nourish those that came by. 

A smug little indian man came to visit our hill side house one day.  Slighting me he commented that I would not be able to make a chai and chappati like an Indian woman could.  Something sparked in me that day to prove him wrong….here began my journey with Chai, and the love of the medicinal essence of it and ultimately Ayurveda.


Four years later I returned to Australia after living and learning in this small village in the Himalayas.  Infused with the essence of india and Ayurveda I passionately developed and birthed the Hari Har Chai brand to sprinkle peoples life with spices and spread that love to anyone that wanted a cup. 


From these humble beginnings, Hari Har Chai has grown to become Australia’s premier Chai brand, supplying both the Australian and export market

Consciously choosing to support Australian farmers, We use a superb grade Australian grown tea that have been grown in the same fields for decades.  Produced in the Daintree region of Far north Queensland this tea has no tannins and is naturally low in caffeine; approx 2-3% where as traditional black tea has 8-10%.  Choosing to use Australian tea we minimise the food miles and the environmental footstep

Our spices where we can are sourced from family farms in Sri Lanka and India.  To this day keeping our authenticity and essence we, our chai goddesses, hand blend and pack our chai for you in our temple in Mullumbimby, Byron bay NSW.  Hari Har Chai is known and loved for its superior quality and real essence as Australia favourite chai brand.


Our Name

We love the smile that it brings whenever you say Hari Har Chai
Some twist their tongue around it the end result bubbles up love, a laugh and a smile

Hari Har – The meaning
The word Hari in sanskrit means "sunlight" and the word Har means "moonlight”. Together, they refer to the deeper universal light that underlies them both in the active form of creation.

Hari Har is a Hindu deity in its own right. Hari Har is a syncretic deity, combining the two major gods, Vishnu (Hari) and Siva (Hara).

Hari Chai LOGO Love in Every Cup.jpg

Our Logo

Our Logo was designed in the hills of byron bay over a cup of freshly brewed chai, the gates on each side of the mandala are the door ways to our being, soul and consciousness.
The trident  is the three pronged fork of shiva. It is a symbol of strength in all facets of the masculine energy, shiva the destroyer, brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver.
The Ram symbol in context with hari har means to relax and take peace.  To stop the chatter of the mind and connect to divine consciousness. a part of daily practice as taught in Ayurveda to remember to take space and breathe.
Lotus petals are a symbol of abundance: within and without.  Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation of all abundance. The lotus flowers are associated Lakshmi, the divine feminine goddess of wealth and prosperity
The two triangles laid ontop of one another represent the unification of the masculine energy ,shiva, the north facing triangle, and the feminine energy, shakti, the south facing triangle
The centre point, the infinite and the endlessness of the all encompassing
Althou a very simple mandala this is a symbol in it self of the attainment and appreciation of the simple things in life often being the hardest to achieve

Our Founder


Christina Covington – Founder and creatrix of Hari Har Chai

 An alchemist, Ayurveda practitioner, Chai artist, Spice mistress and business-woman mentor. Christina has been creating and sharing the love in every cup to the world for over 20 years. 

As an alchemist the spices devoured her with delight endlessly.  When she was a little girl she loved mixing potions and creating alchemy. This led her to achieve a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry.  She loves to touch things, feel their essence, texture and vibration. Delighting in the uniqueness and delicateness of mixing different components whether it be ethonal bromide and acetyl chloride or cardamom and cinnamon. Wide eyed and expansive she followed this passion to India.  Stepping onto the roof of the world, her soul sang at coming home. The aliveness and life of India was filled with wonderment of texture and colour. Mother India got into Christina's blood and her essence has never left. India's gift to her, the art of chai, after 4 years of her being nourished in India she was called to bring the blessings of Ayurveda, spices and chai to peoples hearts and cups. 


A solo mum of two, she was supported by her passion to spice up peoples lives and give them a journey when they had a cup of Hari Har Chai.  The soft smell of the spices relaxing, nourishing and calming the mind. Innovative, Hari Har Chai has been a leader in the chai market in Australia which is now a household word. We have raised a generation of chai drinkers that know what they need when they need some love....

Hari Har Chai

theres love in every cup....

Thank you for all the people and support that have been involved, enjoyed and loved with Hari Har Chai in our journey.