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Our Chai

What is Chai

Chai is Hindi is the word for tea.  Masala Chai is means spiced tea.  For convenience the western world has adopted the word chai to mean spiced tea.

A sweet milky spiced tea traditionally made with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and black tea.  Masala Chai has been the drink of Indian and Middle Eastern culture for thousands of years and an integral part of their healing culture. Many Eastern European and east African peoples also call their tea and spiced tea ‘chai’.  In recent years this centuries old beverage has become increasingly popular throughout the western world...not just because it's delicious!    

The spices ranging from the traditional Indian variety of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg to the addition of salt and yak butter in Tibet, almond powder and saffron in Kashmir and apple syrup in Turkey to name a few.  Originating deep within the traditions of Hindu Ayurvedic culture, Ayurvedic alchemists, shamans and the like use chai for it's healing properties. These healing properties reputedly come from the mix of Ayurvedic spices. Chai is a delicious way of introducing these healing spices into the western modern day diet.  

Traditional, authentic chai is made by brewing tea leaves, spices, milk and natural sweeteners which make a salubrious cup of chai tea.   Authentic Chai is not a powder or a syrup.  Hari Har Chai is authentic, traditional Chai.

The art of Chai blending brings out a balanced flavour of each spice and enhances their medicinal qualities. Each spice is subtle on the pallet, dissolving into the next. If one flavour over powers this disturbs the unique healing balance of spices. Every body has different tastes and preferences some people will taste one spice more than another depending on their pallet.

Now enjoyed around the world in all different varieties and types, chai has found it place in our modern lifestyle. Chai lattes, iced chai, chai smoothies, chai icecream, chai cakes and a pot of chai...


What makes HARI HAR CHAI special?

  • We are Real Chai NOT A POWDER OR A SYRUP. We are also real as we lived and breathed chai infusing it from the tradition of India over many years. 

  • Hari Har Chai is authentic chai from blend to brew. 

  • Hari Har Chai is 100% Australian owned and made

  • Hari Har Chai is the best chai on the market known for its taste, smell, dedication to traditions and essence.

  • Our signature of adding Licorice root for it Ayurvedic properties

  • Hari Har Chai uses the highest quality ingredients. We select Australian tea grown in the Daintree, that is low in caffeine, low in tannins and chemical free. our Organic range uses the highest quality certified organic black tea, It's free of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants. We do everything the way that mother nature intended.

  • We offer an extensive range that is sure to suit all your chai needs. from loose leaf chai, chai varieties, organic teabags, Chai concentrate and Chai Sprinkle. 

  • Hari Har Chai is 100% Love in Every Cup... 

Chai and Ayurveda

Chai and chai spices have been used by alchemists and traditional ayurvedic shamans for time immemorial to care for all kinds of common and not so common aliments. Ayurveda is translated from Sanskrit to mean 'the science of life'. It is the traditional healing modality of India and one of the oldest healing modalities in the world.

As modern society is turning back the clock to this ancient knowledge for answers the use of spices is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Chai is a great tasty way to induce some of these health-giving spices into our diets. As well as feeling some of the special healing powers of the spices. Cardamom in this fast paced world gives compassion and clarity, stimulating the mind and our digestive system as food is rushed with the lifestyle. The friendly comforts of a cup of tea are enhanced with cinnamon, the friend-maker, and strength-giver. The added ginger in chai restores our wisdom and courage to go on through the day. 

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Why we add licorice root? 

A sattvic (pure) herb in Ayurveda we add licorice root to all our chai blends as it acts as a natural sweetener, nourishing and grounding as sweet herbs do.

It is superb for calming the mind and nurturing the spirit. It is an effective expectorant helping liquefy mucus and dispel it from the body. It improves vision, voice, hair and complexion and gives strength. 

Indian chai is notorious for the sweetness, generally due to lots of sugar.  At Hari Har Chai we consciously do not add any artificial sweeteners or sugars preferring to use licorice root. We suggest a dash of organic honey or jaggery if needed.

smell the love in every cup......


The Alchemy of Chai is in the spices.



Cardamom in this fast paced world gives compassion and clarity, stimulating the mind and our digestive system, enkindling our digestive fire.  Stimulating the heart to give clarity and joy
Added with milk it neutralizes mucus forming properties and detoxifies caffeine.
Particularly good for opening the flow of prana (life force) in the  body.




The friendly comforts of a cup of chai are enhanced with cinnamon, the friend-maker, and strength-giver.
It strengthens and harmonizes the flow of circulation, helping as a cold and flu expectorant. 
It strengthens the heart, warms the kidneys to promote agni (digestive fire).
Try using it as a straw for your chai.



Perhaps the best and most pure(sattvic) of the spices.
In Sanskrit it is called vishwabhesaj – the universal medicine. 
Dry ginger is a great stimulant and expectorant whilst fresh ginger is a good diaphoretic (causes perspiration ) for colds and flus and for vomiting. Used for digestive and respiratory diseases, menstrual cramps, arthritic conditions
Ginger is great in chai restoring our wisdom and courage to go on through the day.




The old wives tale that works. Cloves is great for tooth aches. 
Ayurvedically cloves is an expectorant and internally warms the body to produce a sweat and expel any flu or sluggish feeling and rejuvenate you.
A natural stimulant it has an energizing effect on the body.  
Cloves helps to disinfect the lymphatics and is an effective stimulant for the lungs and stomach.  




One of the best spices for calming the mind and nervous system

Good for increasing adsorption in the body and small intestine, improves assimilation.
Helps to promote a sound sleep 


Licorice Root


Great calm the mind and nurture the spirit. It nourishes the brain promoting harmony and contentment.
Licorice root is effective in liquefying mucus and facilitating its discharge from the body. 
Combining with cardamom and ginger it acts as a teeth tonic. 
This herb is sattvic by nature and gives strength to hair complexion, voice and vision


Be your own chaiwala.

We love you being your own chaiwala (chai maker) feeling, tasting, experimenting with what spices work for you

Try adding these other spices or herbs to expand your chai:

Fresh Ginger - for extra zing and stimulation

Fennel seeds - for increasing and aiding digestion

Peppercorns - stimulating and warming

Saffron - reproductive system

Orange Rind - for a citrus twist.

Brahmi - as a memory tonic

Shatavari - woman reproductive tonic and hormone balancer

Star Anise - for more anise flavour

Lemon myrtle and wattleseed - for a australian bush chai